An optimal time to address you IT needs

If your team is working from home, it can be an opportunity to get IT projects done. 

Before the lockdown, we would have to perform technology updates overnight or on weekends. Not only are off hours services more expensive, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for testing.  There is always a risk that the system may not work the way you expect come the next morning.

Here are some projects that you can complete now and have less risk of downtime when everyone gets to return to the office.

Migrate to the cloud

Why pay for expensive hardware when you don’t have to? As a subscription service, Azure frees you from upfront capital expenses and the time it takes to manage services locally. Migrating to the cloud now means you’re not dependent on your office for internet and power and can spread out cost.        

PC upgrade

There are 46 million users in North America running devices that are over four years old,who are experiencing a lack of productivity, security, and simplified management. Now is the time to explore your options to be operating with modern hardware, if you have devices that are sitting idle and not being used.

Office 365 for e-mail and or communication tools

Microsoft can empathize with this disruption as thousands of employees are currently working remotely and is offering a free 6-month Office 365 E1 Trial, including Microsoft Teams. This license gives your web-based Office apps – email, file storage, meetings and instant messaging with five layers of security to keep your data safe.  There are so many reasons to start using Office 365, but a free license might be the best one.

Firewall, wireless or network upgrades

Make your network as strong and resilient as possible. There are a number of migration and modernization triggers. For instance, they may need to upgrade an application, replace aging hardware, keep up with the latest regulatory or industry security and compliance standards, or improve security.  At some point, any of these projects will involve shutting down your network.  There is no better time than when your  staff footprint is reduced and won’t be as affected by a shutdown.

Can you use the lockdown to your advantage?

Contact us to see if you have projects that can complete with less risk of downtime.

An optimal time to address you IT needs