Cloud Computing for the win!

The craziest thing happened to me on Saturday afternoon. I was out, and a group of people had cards at their table. They explained that they each get a card and whatever number they had was their horse for the Preakness. They each put in $10 and winner takes all. Then they went on insisting that I take the last spot they had. I figured hey, $10 why not? So I got horse #2.

I  figured I had the losing horse. Then, to my surprise, the horses on the screen and my horse, #2 was named “cloud computing.” My horse took the lead and won! I was beside myself! But, in my mind also felt like there was an odd connection there.

How fitting… cloud computing, the horse, had 13-1 odds and took some time for anyone to see that it might just win! The same goes for actual cloud computing, for a while everyone was skeptical, hesitant and reluctant to see the potential. But, now, organizations are embracing the cloud and seeing the positive impact it can have for their business.

The group was just as shocked as I was, and said they were happy I won their money. I felt compelled to tell them that I am a technology blogger, and it felt like more than a coincidence but very much like the way that cloud computing took the lead in the technology industry.

Vertical Solutions however always had their “money on” and confidence in the success of cloud computing and have been proving its success by helping customers grow and succeed. If you have questions about cloud solutions and want to get on the winning side, contact us today!