Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Checklist to Ensure Protection

Protecting your patient’s data has never been more important, for your patients and for your organization’s safety. Be sure to cover every HIPAA mandate with our compliance checklist to ensure your patients, and your organization, are protected.

Achieve Total HIPAA Compliance | Updated in 2018

With maximum penalties reaching $1.5 million per incident, no one can afford to neglect a single mandate of HIPAA, HITECH or Omnibus regulations.

Vertical Solutions helps organizations like yours manage HIPAA compliance with simple solutions crossing people, process, and technology. Our checklist includes deep-level documentation requirements that are easy to overlook, so that you have the assurance of protection against nefarious activity, or in the case of an audit.


The 3 Most Common Causes for HIPAA Noncompliance in 2017

In 2017, Vertical Solutions helped our clients discover areas where an audit could have resulted in penalties. Some of the most commonly missed questions were:

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Do you have documentation attesting to staff knowledge of Policies and Procedures relevant to HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules?

Can you prove you have performed due diligence with all Business Associates to ensure they are HIPAA compliant?

Does your breach notification process report on minor or meaningful breaches or incidents?

The Vertical Solutions HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Our comprehensive checklist covers every area of responsibility for the security of your electronic protected health information (e-PHI) while drilling down into extensive documentation requirements to prove compliance, including:

  • Privacy risk assessment
  • Security risk assessment
  • The identification of deficiencies
  • The creation of remediation plans addressing all deficiencies
  • The creation of policies and procedures relevant to HIPAA privacy, security and breach notification rules
  • Basic HIPAA training for all staff
  • The identification of all business associates and the implementation of appropriate strategies to manage these relationships
  • The creation of a management process in the event of incidents and breaches

Ensure protection.

Why Choose an HIPAA Compliance Business Associate?

Vertical Solutions is a Business Associate focused on providing IT Services to medical practices. For the last 30 years, we have contributed to the success of our clients by “increasing profitability through the integration of people, processes and technology.”

We believe that HIPAA compliance should not take your attention away from helping your patients. We provide a number of solutions that ease the burden of HIPAA standards and simplify your administrative work.

We handle the red tape, so you can help more patients.