Cyber Hygiene for Remote Workers

As the we adjust to the COVID-19 quarantines, a number of us are now work from home.  And it can be a disorienting experience. On top of that, cyber criminals are using this uncertain time to prey on remote workers. In response, Vertical Solutions has put together a half hour webinar to sharing tips to keep you safe and healthy.

All of our resources have been dedicated to making sure that our customers have what they need to be as successful as possible during this COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, we have gathered more helpful posts and summarized each one for you below.

Now more than ever, if you don’t see what you need here, please reach out and let us know what other resources we can provide.

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Microsoft Resources

Tips for Business Continuity While Working From Home:

  • Business Continuity – Making the Most of Your Existing Microsoft Cloud Productivity Investments – Darryl Rowe, Microsoft Teams Senior Technical Specialist: Darryl explains how to leverage the tools that you already own within Microsoft and Office 365 to respond rapidly to urgent user requirements and keep the business running effectively here.
  • Have you been sent home to work? How you can use technology to stay connected & productive – Shelly Avery, Microsoft Teams Senior Technical Specialist: If you are new to working from home, Shelly and team teach us best practices around the basics of virtual work in this video playlist.
  • Ensuring Security during COVID-19 Operations – Tony Sims, Microsoft Cybersecurity Principal Technical Specialist: As the COVID-19 crisis continues and drives more organizations to enable remote work scenarios, cybersecurity professionals need to be tightly integrated into an organization’s contingency planning to ensure we continue to protect the business. Check out best practices around preventing data breaches and other security incidents here.

Situational Response Management and Crisis Communication Solutions:

  • In response to COVID-19: How Microsoft can help with Situational Response and Crisis Communication – Shelly Avery, Microsoft Teams Senior Technical Specialist: As a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Microsoft has many solutions available for customers, which Shelly summarizes here.
  • Situational Response and Crisis Communication Solutions – Healthcare and Life Sciences – Sam Brown, Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist: Outside of our organizations, we need to be equipped to handle inbound requests, communicate broadly and interact externally without meeting in-person. Within our organizations, we need employees to collaborate effectively, stay updated with safety information and easily get their important questions answered. Check out an overview of the solutions in this post.

Other Resources

Avalara, a sales tax company, who makes an add-on for Dynamics GP, is compiling and frequently updating tax news related to the COVID-19 outbreak in the following articles:

Video Conferencing From Home – 10 Golden Rules, Attention, telecommuters and remote workers: Want to up your video conferencing game? These 10 guidelines cost nothing to implement. (Even the experts often forget number 9.)