6 Questions to Ask While Preparing for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 End of Life

By Samantha Boden

As you may know, on April 14, 2020, mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 will stop.  What this means for your company is that you will no longer receive tax and year end updates.  This is extremely important if your company utilizes payroll, W2, and/or 1099s.  As Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 becomes a legacy version you will notice compatibility issues with operating systems and SQL server.   Making upgrading and preparing for the end of life extremely important.

Planning to upgrade can be stressful if you don’t know what to ask and how to prepare.  Here are 5 questions to consider when planning your upgrade.

  1. What upgrade path is needed?

The good news is that there is a direct upgrade path from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.  

  1. Should we have a test upgrade?

Vertical Solutions always recommends a test upgrade as part of the upgrade process.  Tests upgrades mitigate risk and prevent costly issues that can crop up later.

  1. Are there hardware/software compatibility issues to consider?

Often when you upgrade you also must consider the server’s operating system that is running your Microsoft SQL Server.  Mainly if they are compatible and should be kept.  Older hardware should be considered for upgrades if it cannot support the upgraded version.

  1. Do we have any 3rd Party integrations?

If you have 3rd parties that are integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP, then these must be upgraded to a compatible version.  3rd parties rely on the version number of your Microsoft Dynamics GP and can stop working or have issues if the correct version is not installed.  

  1. What reporting do we use?

With Microsoft Dynamics GP there are many different reporting types, such as SSRS, Management Reporter, Jet reports, Crystal reports, have their own requirements for upgrades.  There is no one size fits all and the different reporting solutions must be considered when upgrading.  

  1. How much time do we have?

It is important to also consider time constrains when planning an upgrade and have a plan in place to proceed. 

Vertical Solutions is happy to assess your environment for the end-of-life support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.  What challenges does your company face when upgrading and how can we help?


Vertical Solutions wants to ensure you are maximizing the value of your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution, and arm you with the tools you need to meet your key business objectives.