Run your business more effectively: Tip#2

Tip#2: Embrace the cloud!

We keep saying this, because it’s crucial; more and more SMBs are moving their business to the cloud, and for good reason! Before cloud solutions, the only way for us small businesses to have the most advanced technology was to invest in the same expensive hardware as large companies. Which was either a struggle or put it beyond reach for a lot of SMBs.

Only pay for what you need and use…

Vertical Solutions Cloud_services_BlueA huge perk of cloud-based services is that they keep themselves up to date so you can stay competitive with the latest and greatest features. The cloud also makes it easy for businesses to scale up or down as circumstances change. If you hire a new employee, just add that person as a user and pay an incremental cost. If an employee leaves, you don’t have to continue paying for their use. It’s truly a wonderful thing to have that type of flexibility. Who wants to pay for users they don’t need? As a small business ourselves, we understand the need for this fluidity and are excited to offer this solution (in case you haven’t noticed).

It’s also easy to sync information across all devices, so you and your employees can edit a document on a smartphone, for example, and access the updated version on a tablet or laptop. This is a perfect way to collaborate for those work from home, or on the go employees.

The cloud also provides nearly unlimited storage, state-of-the-art security for your data. Not to mention, enhanced compliance for businesses that deal regularly with sensitive information and must comply with specific government regulations or international standards.

Embracing the cloud for your small business seems like a simple decision, right? We are here to answer any questions you may have and ease your transition to a more advanced solution. Let us help you make the switch!