Fab 5 Feedback

Fab 5 Feedback

After every ticket is closed, we send a survey to measure and improve our customer’s experience. We do so to collect and measure performance feedback on individual incidents as well as insight into technology effectiveness and service over time.

These are our President, Bruce Nelson’s, five favorite comments from this quarter.

Multi-facility Long Term Care

“We have been SO happy ever since we switched from (other Partner) to Vertical Solutions.  We always get great response and resolution very quickly.  We always get great tips and our contact rep is amazing!  Joe is amazing and great to work with.  We are very happy!!!”

Professional Services

“Annie is the best. I was eating an apple when she took over my CPU. Before I was half finished, she was done! Blair is still our all-time hero but he should watch his back. There’s a new sheriff in town!”

Multi-state Physical Therapy


Physician Practice

“Practice Admin and I are always impressed with Ryan’s management of our account.”

Multi-Facility Long Term Care

“Everyone is always terrific.   Fast and very helpful always.”

We ask for feedback from our customers on every incident!

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