How Secure is Your Accounting Software?

Is Your Accounting Software Hurting Your Business?

Security. This word is serious and really packs a punch – your information’s security, can have a powerful effect one way or the other. As a small business owner, you have a clear understanding which side of that punch you are on. In today’s world, everything is digital. In both our personal and personal lives: from banking, to sharing pictures of our family, and what we had for dinner… Sometimes it’s hard to remember that your information isn’t always secure, there is always a risk associated. But the question is, how to we protect our businesses from being compromised?

One thing that I am not sure really crosses our minds often enough is the very large overlap between technology and accounting.  It all started with the very first adding machine in 1885, then calculators and then the computer.

The invention of the computer and accounting software changed everything. It allowed accountants to use electronic spreadsheets, which eliminated the need for adding machines, calculators, pencils and ledgers (which were my least favorite part of college). Information could then be kept track of minute by minute and the room for error could be decreased. Of course, technological advances in accounting mean increased speed and efficiency, but this also meant, accountability – which has changed accounting significantly.

Of course, no one would want to go back to the pencils and ledgers, but finding a way to keep your organization’s data safe is crucial. We know that with all of the technological improvements come with risks, but as SMBs, mitigating your risk is necessary.

What is so ironic is that it seems that a lot of people feel as though keeping their accounting software on-premise is the best way to keep it safe. They feel as though they are in control and can keep it out of harm’s way and monitor who has access. Meanwhile, we have seen so many organizations who thought they were protecting their data, but really they were making it more vulnerable. Servers being kept in break rooms, bathrooms, unlocked storage rooms – all open to a severe amount of risk. At that point, the internet is less of a risk than a natural disaster or the vengeance of an angry  employee.

One solution is to trust the cloud.  It’s not a big scary place where your information goes to be stolen!

With vCloud Microsoft Dynamics GP from Vertical Solutions, SMB’s can rest at night knowing that their data is safe. Not only will you always have the latest version of the software, which means their software won’t be unsupported or unprotected because it wasn’t in their budget to upgrade. You can also rely on the stability and security of a Tier 3 datacenter, monitored 24x7x365.