Meet a Team Member: Samantha Boden

Meet a Team MemberGet to know team member Samantha Boden as she answers some questions about her interests and background.

What is your role here at Vertical Solutions?
I am a member of the help desk team. I am responsible for general help desk duties, solving user’s day-to-day application and computer issues.

What do you enjoy most about this job?
That I learn something new each day.  It’s great that I get to apply concepts that I learned in school to real life scenarios.

What are some of your non-IT hobbies?
Painting.  I have been working on a series of spray paint paintings.  They are fun to make.  I also like making my own jewelry and get most of my materials from fire mountain.

What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
I don’t really consider myself to be overly girly though I do make an attempt to sometimes appear that way.

What is your favorite band or type of music?
Lots of different types.  Rock, Country, Alternative…

What is your favorite book?
Blood and Chocolate (the book was way, way better than the movie adaption).

What piece of technology would you love to splurge on?
A new server that would have an 8 core processor and also be able to hold more RAM.