Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 : Why Upgrade?

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 : Why Upgrade?

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, we are excited about upgrades and showing our customers how to better use their accounting systems! However, it got us to thinking – why upgrade? Many customers await the newest version of Dynamics GP, but some just don’t see the benefit of upgrading until it’s absolutely dire (when the version goes unsupported by Microsoft). Why upgrade? Why not just wait until you need to? And what about the cloud? How does that benefit me? With a new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP coming out about every six months – there are so many questions about upgrading, when to do it, and why?

Your accounting software is vital to your business – it is for any business! It allows you to have accuracy, efficiency and convenience with your business finances and as new versions are released, the software improves based on your needs and the needs of other businesses like you. This allows for more accuracy, efficiency and convenience, which allows your business to run smoothly. I mentioned the cloud, and we will get to that, but for now, let’s just say “being on the most current version” is important – whether you upgrade or renew your Dynamics GP system to the cloud, here are a few reasons why it’s important to stay “modern” and up to date with your system…

  1. Security – Could this be any more important? With all of the risks out there, your data protection is VITAL! Data security is the main priority for your business especially financial data. Upgrading your accounting software allows you to have better backup ability that gives you improved data security and peace of mind for your business. Staying current on your software also means you are protected against bugs and threats – Microsoft supporting your version is huge! Going without their support, well, it’s risky and scary.
  2. Updated information – What is the point of investing all of your money into a system that doesn’t follow the most up to date rules? Taxation policies, rules, accounting patterns, etc. are prone to frequent changes and they greatly affect the accounting equation. So, do you have the time to manually adjust the changes? Or pay fines for not being able to stay compliant? Or is it worth the investment to stay up to date and let your software ease the task by automatically keeping up with the changes.
  3. Reporting – What’s the point of accounting software that doesn’t show you what information it holds? Most businesses trust Excel, which, sure is a step up from paper and manual accounting books, but considering Excel among accounting software against the power of Dynamics GP 2016 is an extremely unfair comparison.
  4. Control – Do you want the ability to monitor and control your business? Keeping your software up to date can offer built-in features to manage employee payrolls, customer balances, etc. Not to mention third party integration and customizations that can easily be integrated to streamline your processes and give you the control that you need. What is better than the ability to control various accounting operations within the same software?
  5. Speed – In today’s world, generally speaking, speed is everything! With technology, that is even more true! Outdated accounting tools were accustomed to slow response and freezing issues. But, today’s cut throat business competition leaves no room for delay! Hardware undoubtedly plays a huge role with that, but software plays its own part. Quick/timely accounting software means a more productive accounting team!

There is always room for improvement and staying up to date with your accounting software is a part of that. The cost involved in the process is likely a challenge but, as a business leader, it has to be your decision to see if the challenges are worth meeting. And which cost is higher.. downtime, lost data, an unproductive staff, lack of insight and control of your business?

Now, staying up to date on your accounting software can be that every so often big investment, OR it can be a monthly budgeted amount that comes without big costly upgrades. Yes, you read that right, no more upgrades? I am talking about the cloud, as promised. Renew your Dynamics GP accounting software to the cloud and ensure that you are always on the most up to date version of the software, yours will NEVER go unsupported and always be “modern” and give you the best that it can give! And, there won’t be a big check to write every time a new version is released!! It’s a monthly, agreed upon, fee to allow us to take care of everything for you and keep you up to date. What are you waiting for?

But, perhaps the cloud isn’t right for you – that’s ok too. However you chose to stay up to date is perfectly fine! At Vertical Solutions, we want to make sure you are happy and feel at ease.. you have a business to run, and we are experts in handling your IT and Dynamics GP systems. As long as your organization’s financial systems are doing their best for you, we are happy.

Modernize your Dynamics GP system!