Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 – Document Attach

For our Dynamics GP team, the new year brings the ability to deliver their favorite services – upgrading our customers to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  They love to see what new features have been added, and how we can help our customers improve their productivity with those features.

As someone who remembers when new versions were delivered through a box of mini floppy discs, it is amazing to see how much “Great Plains” has advanced.

If you haven’t invested in updating your processes to take advantage of the document attach functionality in Dynamics GP, we suggest that you consider it.  With Dynamics GP 2018, the added functionality makes it pretty hard to argue with the investment.

  • Attach after you post a document
  • Attach on most master record, inquiry, and entry windows
  • Limited Users can access attachments
  • Attach multiple documents to items, customers, vendors, assets, and transactions
  • Attach a link to a OneDrive or SharePoint site


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