Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 – Email Attached Documents

“We’ll get back to this.”  – Workflow

Workflow functionality in Dynamics GP gives you the ability to have a consistent processes for how a document or batch “flows” through GP.   We will address the benefits of workflow (and the improvements that have been added to GP 2018) in later posts, but we need a quick detour.

Earlier this week, we wrote about improvements to document attach in GP 2018, and here is one of the coolest existing features that you may not know about.

When a document has been added to a transaction or record, these attachments can be sent with the workflow task notification email.

For example, you can now enter a payables invoice, scan it and attach the record from the vendor, and then submit the invoice for approval. When the approver receives the email, they will get the invoice information and the attachment will show the scanned invoice from the vendor.


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