Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Is Here…. Why You Should Be Excited About Upgrading

Yes, accounting is accounting, debits and credits are never going to change, so why should you see yet another product upgrade as an intrusion to how your organization’s operations?

I once worked with a great consultant who would always start his presentations with the statement above.  His message was that yes, nothing was going to change about accounting. But, if you are thinking about your Dynamics GP system as just accounting software then you are missing the point.

Save Time – If we could promise you an extra hour a week, would you be interested? Microsoft Dynamics GP has a long proven history of product upgrades that deliver powerful features to improve daily operations and financial processes.

Drive Productivity – It has been over 17 years since Microsoft purchased Great Plains, and interoperability between with other Microsoft products and technologies gets faster, and gives more convenient access to information with every release.

Anywhere, Anytime Access – You don’t have to be in front of your computer to access Dynamics GP.  The web client and companion apps run on any mobile platform.  You can work from the office, on the road, or at home, and on a PC, tablet, or iPad.

We will be starting a new blog series that will highlight what is new.  The benefits of Microsoft GP 2018 is to provide comprehensive, core functionality you need and enhance the core application, user experience,  and platform around the below key areas:

Comprehensive Doc Attach GP2018 will introduce next evolution, with comprehensive Doc Attach on most master record windows, inquiry windows and transaction entry windows.

User Experience Giving users easier and faster ways to get to and find the data they are looking for to make decisions based off the information stored in GP.

Optimize Financials & HR/Payroll Microsoft recognized the feedback from customers, and they have optimized your experience in GP2018.

Workflow With the release of GP2018,  the capabilities of Workflow have been extended. In addition to new workflows such as GL account and purchase invoice, they’ve added workflow capabilities like copy step and reminder emails.

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