Microsoft Dynamics GP for Health and Human Services

How the Healthcare and  the Hospitality Industries Mirror Each Other

Aside from the fact that our diets impact our health, I don’t imagine that anyone has ever considered the similarities in these two industries and their needs. We recently posted as a member of the ERP Software Blog, about how the two industries really do mirror each other. Our very own Bruce Lane, who is an expert in the field, wrote the blog that touches on the similarities as well as the pressures that the industries face. Dynamics GP from Vertical Solutions caters to the needs of these industries and our expertise enhances the capabilities of the system and how it works for you.

In the blog, Bruce says, “Vertical Solutions has serviced the health and human services industry for years.  Dynamics GP has been a great solution for the industry.”

Why has it been such a good fit?

  • GP’s integration tools to automate transaction entry provided by external systems for billing and other functions
  • The former reporting tool FRx and its successor Management Reporter
  • Strong user and system security
  • A wide offering of third party solutions

Bruce goes on to explain that these two industries appear to be very different but are structurally very similar. Some of the pressures that Vertical Solutions can relieve with Microsoft Dynamics GP are as follows:

  • Reducing time and errors related to rekeying data can be accomplished using Dynamics GP tools such as Integration Manager and\or eConnect.
  • Logging in and out of multiple databases may seem to be trivial and not very time consuming.  We have reported instances where a single user logged in and out of databases over 300 times in one week.  Using a third party tool, Binary Stream’s Multi Entity Management (MEM) we have been able to eliminate this process while still adding other value such as automatic intercompany transaction balancing.
  • MEM also allows for centralized cash management which reduces costs in the payables function by consolidating multiple location voucher payments to vendors.
  • Maintenance of multiple databases and adding vendors and other master record information is essentially eliminated using MEM.