Network Administrator 



  • A Network Administrator is expected to have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to individuals at all levels of an organization. Vertical Solutions’ management expects that a Network Administrator will ensure the client is confident in Vertical’s ability to successfully complete the engagement and provide consultative input to assist clientele in meeting their business objectives. 
  • This role requires an individual to be self-directed and self-motivated. The individual will have the experience and skill-set to provide solutions to clients that will address inefficiencies, lack of timely or poor performing systems, address security and control concerns, better provide feedback on newer and more advanced technology, as well ensure any compliance or regulatory requirements are addressed. The detail and scope of such effort will be called upon when an engagement necessitates such consultation. 
  • A Network Administrator’s focus is in serving customers. In order to do this at a high standard, learning new skills and technologies are required. Vertical Solutions’ expectation is that a Network Administrator will stay up to date on the solutions being introduced whether they be an all-encompassing solution or third-party add-ons. Training and self-learning should happen together. Training and self-improvement are somewhat an independent undertaking for each individual, it should be communicated and coordinated with Management. The continuous improvement of skills is an evaluation factor for a Network Administrator.
  • This role requires an individual to be team oriented as well as being open and honest as to their abilities and deficiencies. As a team, Vertical Solutions’ can address the immediate problems and work on improving areas of need per the individual. 
  • A Network Administrator will at times be on-site working at the client’s location and the ability to travel to the client is required (mostly local).
  • A Network Administrator should gain certification in any solution in which Vertical Solutions is presenting to our clientele. 
  • This role calls for solid writing skills and organization. Time should be accurately entered and the written details outlining the time entry should be clear and justify the effort in terms of time entered.



  • Provide oversight and support for assigned client accounts.  Ensure consistent implementation of deployed technologies and Vertical Solutions standards.
  • Coordinate efforts with assigned Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support personnel to ensure timely response to end user and automated tickets
  • Continuously maintain client technical documentation as ensure accurate licensing counts for various software.
  • Work with Project Engineers to define scope for identified projects.  Assist with scheduling
  • Maintain client user contact information and ensure each supported individual’s information is current and accurate.
  • Define accurate configurations for firewalls, wireless solutions, switches, servers, as well desktop/pcs for future use for each supported client
  • Make disaster recovery solutions are functioning as configured and remediate issues as they are presented
  • Ensure a proactive work schedule for each assigned client to lesson reactionary support issues
  • Track all time and expense associated with job responsibilities
  • Work with sales team to prepare deliverables for Quarterly Business Review
  • Participate is status calls as needed with clients
  • Identify and communicate opportunities within assigned clients
  • Handle escalated tickets 

Reports to 

  • COO


  • Demonstrated ability to solve problems and quickly learn new technology
  • Responsible, professional, and motivated
  • 5-7 years experienceInformation Technology experience
  • Experience with PSA and RMM tools
  • Experience in Switching, Routing, and Firewalls
    • Experience with Fortinet Technologies will be considered first
    • Experience with Cisco or SonicWALL are a plus
    • Certifications Switching/Routing/Firewall technologies are a plus
    • Must have experience in the establishment of static and software-based VPNs
  • Microsoft Server Network
    • Must understand and have experience with Domain Services
    • Experience and concept understanding of AD, DNS, and DHCP
    • Remote Desktop Services Experience is a plus
    • MCSA or MSCE is a plus
  • Microsoft Azure Platform
    • Establishing Platform and Network Services
    • Creation of Server Environment
    • Experience in connecting Azure Services to environments (AD Sync, AD Premium, Office 365 Management).
    • Certification a Plus

*Note: Certifications and Experience are considered for compensation consideration 



4 year Bachelor’s Degree- IT related/Network Admin