Our Heads Are in the Clouds…

By Bruce Nelson

That’s right.  Here at Vertical Solutions we’ve got our heads in the clouds and have for over five years.  Why do we have our heads in the clouds?  Because the Cloud enables every individual in our organization to work the way they want to work and significantly increases our efficiency.

We use a SaaS Solution to manage our ticketing, workflow, contracts and project management needs across our clients.  Our teams in the field (account managers and consultants) have ready access to the same real time information that our technical service and support teams in the office have.  If a client has a new project or support issue everyone on the team has the same visibility to that information when they need it.Information such as invoicing and links to client documentation are integrated with our back office Dynamics GP and SharePoint systems.  Both systems are hosted in our datacenter and accessible via Remote Desktop or Internet browser.

The newest edition to our Cloud solutions is Office365.  With advanced integration to Dynamics GP, expanded offerings for our various mobile devices and ease of use it was a no brainer.

We utilize 10+ Cloud based solutions to manage and grow our organization.  Everything from back office accounting to video conferencing.  These solutions and the processes we created around them have truly changed to way to work with our teams and clients.  So when someone asks me why I spend so much time discussing cloud solutions with our clients and prospects, it’s because I truly believe in the value they provide.