Proud of Our Team

By Bruce Nelson

I want to take a minute to recognize the efforts of our service teams.  This has been an unbelievably challenging time for everyone.  The speed with which COVID-19 has uprooted our professional and personal lives is unprecedented. 

Many of our clients were already setup to work remotely. But we were faced with, in just a few days, having to get essentially every end user setup to work remotely.  During the two-week period from 3.13.2020 through 3.27.2020 our team focused full-time on this task, including through the weekends. 

Vertical Solutions had a total of 1,910 tickets opened and completed in that just that short time.  In comparison, we had over 430 additional requests for help then the two-week period before. Or roughly an additional 30 tickets per day. 

The commitment and effort by our team to ensure a smooth transition for our clients was above and beyond anything we’d done, and I truly appreciate their efforts.