Run your business more effectively: Tip#6

Enable Flexibility with BYOD!

Bring your own device (BYOD) is becoming a very popular trend among small and mid-sized businesses. BYOD can relieve companies of the duty of managing and supporting aging computers and save them money on the purchase of devices for employees. On the other hand, it raises possible security concerns and can lead to costly inconsistencies. Cloud-based productivity tools from Vertical Solutions eliminate those problems.

Businessman scrolling on his digital tablet against painted blue wooden planksCloud-based and mobile versions of popular business software suites are now available across mobile platforms—including Windows, iOS, and Android—and on devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to laptops. With flexible cloud-based software, your employees can work efficiently from any place at any time. They can move easily from one platform to another, across multiple devices, and use the talents they already have to create content, analyze data, and help you build your business. You can inspire and empower your employees by allowing them to use the devices they prefer while keeping their experience consistent and your data secure.

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