Run your business more effectively: Tip#7


Cloud storage synchronizes data across your devices, so you can always see the latest version of a document or the newest information no matter where or when you access it. Along with the convenience of these cloud storage capabilities, SMBs require security, privacy, and access control. Vertical Solutions combines a high level of security with the advantage of cloud storage with familiar productivity and collaboration tools.

Vertical Solutions Cloud_services_BlueHaving your organization’s sensitive data centrally stored in the cloud, and not on the hard drives of your employees’ many devices, can greatly increase the security of your information and minimizes the chances of your records being lost, corrupted, or destroyed.

It’s no wonder hospitals and medical practices are backing up and storing their data in the cloud. It is a “no-brainer” since they are affordably and safely able to safeguard their critical information, resting easy knowing that it is HIPAA compliant.

Are you still saving your data to your hard drive?
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