Security News from Our Latest Events

Our Commitment to Security:   SMBs are the major target in 2019

During a conference with TechData down in the Sunshine State, a security expert stepped up to the stage to speak about what is lurking out there in the world of hackers, ransomware and security for a small business. Some points rose some eyes from the crowd.

40% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years of their existence. Why does this occur? If you have a smoking-hot new product or a phenomenal business plan, you still cannot prepare for the unknown.

The unknown has become popular when talking about cyber security.

Vertical Solutions has been in the business of cyber security for more than 25 years. Our security offering and expertise is a game-changer for small businesses looking to focus on bringing in revenue and gaining exposure – rather than becoming one of those 40%.

As our president likes to say at times, we are the guys that do the boring stuff to let the business owners have their fun.

As we sit down with business owners, the topic of security is never brought up by us, instead it is usually the business owner themselves. As the Verizon commercial once said, don’t be in the dead zone … or don’t be in the 40%.

Future of the desktop computer: A truly secure desktop computer environment that can be access from anywhere. 

From attending the Azure boot camp here in Denver, we gained some insight into some of the biggest news coming from Microsoft – Windows 10 Multi-Session will be released here shortly.

This means that 10 users can log into one or two computers that is running a full version of Windows 10 instead of Windows Server. While everybody loves their desktop computer, this allows for all the functionality and compatibility of it to exist from anywhere you have an internet connection.

While many small business owners can’t sleep for hours due to the amount of content they consistently see about cyber security, this eliminates that concern. Microsoft’s new model will give you the opportunity to expand your business model with your employees to increase productivity and communication.

Let Azure be your security blanket instead of having to look over your back shoulder every second of your day.

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