Tackle Some Nagging Dynamics GP Issues

Please join Vertical Solutions and Reporting-Central for a webinar that will help Dynamics GP users tackle some common (nagging) issues every accounting user faces:

  • Reconciling the GL with Sub-Ledgers to get the books in balance
  • Correcting coding mistake made when posting to the GL (full details & an audit trail)
  • Clearing Pre-Paid and Suspense accounts with ease

During the webinar you will see how quickly and easily it is to find the transactions that are keeping your General Ledger from reconciling with AP, AR, Cash, Inventory (by site & by class), Accrued Purchases, SOP and COGS.  In 30 seconds or less, you will know which transactions are causing the problems.

If you’ve ever had to correct a GL coding mistake, you will love the newest way to quickly manage the process while keeping all of the original transaction details connected to the correcting entry.  Transactions coded incorrectly that are posted to the GL from AR, AP, Cash, Inventory, SOP and POP can now be quickly corrected in an audit friendly way.

If you have Prepaids and Suspense accounts, you will now have a way to clear them easily and provide full details for the entries.

The solutions that help Dynamics GP users easily and efficiently manage the above situations are “The Closer” and “The Corrector” from Reporting-Central.  Spend less than an hour with us and see how many hours you can save yourself and your accounting team when it comes to getting the most out of Dynamics GP.

If you’d like to preview any of the details prior to the webinar, please visit Reporting Central for more information or visit Reporting-Central’s YouTube channel for overview and demonstration videos of “The Closer” and “The Corrector”