Top 3 Reasons Your Practice Needs Office 365

PHI Stays Protected with Included Email Encryption

Keep your organization advancing with these great features!

I was just reading an article about how Microsoft recently announced premium Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite, which can help health organizations address their needs and improve their journey to the cloud. It includes many new ground-breaking features, but there are three that stand out as especially helpful for health organizations.

According to the Microsoft blog, these new capabilities are as follows:

New Skype for Business services such as Cloud PBX

small_Healthcare_IT_PinkThis “enables you to eliminate separate PBX systems and transition your telephony infrastructure to the cloud. That means you can have one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing. Read this blog to learn how this feature can help your health organization streamline infrastructure and achieve huge cost savings.”

Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite

This feature “also provides analytics that are as easy to use as they are powerful. Health professionals across every role to gain relevant insights quickly and easily to improve quality and efficiency.” Learn more about Power BI!

New security features

These features include “Customer Lockbox, Advanced Threat Protection, and Office 365 advanced eDiscovery.”
Microsoft explains these new security features…

Customer Lockbox answers the concerns of health organizations that understandably want full control over access to their content stored in cloud services. It gives customers new approval rights, transparency, and control over their data in the cloud. They have explicit control in the very rare instances when a Microsoft engineer may need to access their content to resolve an issue.

Advanced Threat Protection is a really cool new feature that helps guard health organizations’ data and infrastructure against unknown malware and viruses by applying behavioral analysis—no matter what device with Office 365 a health professional is using. Advanced Threat Protection includes three key capabilities for thwarting sophisticated threats in end-user email, attachments, and URLs:

  • Safe Attachments help protect against unknown malware and viruses by opening documents attached to emails in cordoned-off virtual environments to detect malicious behavior.
  • Safe Links provide time-of-click protection against malicious URLs by wrapping external links in special URLs that check the destination URL for threats before opening them.
  • Click Trace provides rich reporting and URL trace capabilities and, for additional protection, it keeps a record of every user who has clicked on a Safe Link–wrapped URL.

Office 365 advanced eDiscovery reduces the vast amount of data that organizations today must sort through in an eDiscovery process—potentially millions of emails, text messages, instant messages, and documents for any given case—to find the small number of files that are most relevant. Advanced eDiscovery eliminates duplicate files, reconstructs email threads, and identifies key themes and data relationships. Users can train the system to intelligently explore and analyze large, unstructured data sets and quickly zero in on what is relevant. The eDiscovery feature integrates Equivio machine learning, predictive coding, and text analytics capabilities to reduce the costs and challenges that come along with sorting through large quantities of data for eDiscovery purposes.

With these features and the many more innovative offerings in the new Office 365, your health organization can keep advancing and securing its cloud solution.

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