Vertical Solutions Donates to Local Foster Children!

As we wrap up the holidays, and start off our normal routines in the new year, Vertical Solutions would like to take a moment to reflect on, and share, the joy we have from giving back to those who aren’t as fortunate in our community. In 2017, we raised $1,637.61 for foster children in Pittsburgh. With Together We Rise, a nonprofit organization that aims to better the lives of foster children, we were able to purchase, decorate, and stuff, several duffel bags for these children who otherwise have nothing. If children have a chance to take anything at all before they are taken from their homes, after possibly witnessing tragic situations, they are left with their belongings in garbage bags. Now, because of this effort, some of these children will have a place to put there things, and a few fun items that we put inside (coloring books, crayons, tooth brushes, blankets and teddy bears).

This was our third year giving to this particular cause and we are excited to continue this tradition and continue to provide something for local children in need. We look forward to continuing to raise more money for this charity and are happy to help and gift these children with something to remind them of how special they are.. at the holidays and all year round!

Vertical Solutions has matched the initial money raised each year, which is extremely generous, but it could not be done without the donations of employees, partners, friends and family. We greatly thank all who contributed gifts of money, and also the employees who not only volunteer their time, but look forward to it each year and really enjoy the opportunity to give back. It’s been a great experience for our team and it really holds a lot of meaning for us.

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and Happy New Year! We are excited about what this year holds for Vertical Solutions and our customers, and aim to raise even more for foster children in 2018!

You can view our 2017 fundraising page here!