Video Friday: What the heck is ERP?

And why should small and midsize business know about Microsoft Dynamics GP

Earlier this week, a bunch of us from Vertical Solutions attended a networking event here in Pittsburgh.  The organizers of the event had an interesting twist, they had you wear color coded name badges to designate your industry. So, we got orange for I.T.

In the course of our mixing and mingling, someone would see our orange I.T. badge and tell us – we are too small, we don’t need fancy systems.  Or, we have an I.T. guy, he does everything for us.

This one-on-one experience is a great way to dispel the myths that small and midsize organizations can’t benefit from our help.  But, it is distressing to know that organizations don’t realize that there are solutions, which can require only a minimal investment – that can get rid of the hassles of managing day-to-day operations.

With this experience top of mind, I was excited to see this new video from the Microsoft Dynamics SMB team explaining why ERP matters for small or midsize business.