Video Friday: Lessons from Ransomware Attacks

We cannot stress enough the importance of an advanced security solution. As stated in the video below, we have seen this too many times. Hackers are able to use the same tactics because we are not learning what we should be learning from these attacks. Antivirus, firewall, windows patches, and back up are critical in preventing these attacks. Not to mention, these need to be managed.

With a partner like Vertical Solutions, implementing and managing these security solutions, you are in the safest position when it comes to potential threats. They are out there.. everywhere. And we have to stress that they can be prevented! It saddens us to see so many affected by this when we know we could be helping. We work hard to make sure that our customers are safe.

Hear what our President, Bruce Nelson, has to say about lessons we can learn from the recent ransomware attacks.