Video Friday: A Spectrum of Spaces

Migrate to the cloud and turn your server room into a creative space for your employees.

Microsoft says, “Today’s work spaces have moved toward openness and flexibility in design. But it’s not just about creating physical areas where people can collaborate. Spaces are also needed that provide privacy, for people to focus on their work. A third type of space is important, too: One where employees can contemplate, restore and relax. There is a correlation between how satisfied people are with their physical work environment, and how engaged they are in their work. The work environment can be a key strategy to help people feel a greater sense of belonging, purpose and engagement with their organizations”.

What do we say? Migrate to the cloud and turn your server room into a creative, private, relaxing space for your employees to engage and collaborate and even take a quick break to sit back and enjoy the space they’re in. If Microsoft is right, this is a win-win for you. Your employees will be happy, feel more engaged in their work, and you won’t have to deal with the hassles of upkeeping your servers.

Let us handle your IT, so you can handle your business! And happy employees means happy customers!

Not quite ready to go all in on the cloud? Luckily, you can start with a free trial of Microsoft Office 365, which gives you cloud access to the Office tools you know and love – on up to 5 devices! There are so many ways to give the cloud a try before deciding to go “all in”. Contact us for a free assessment!

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