Video Friday: It’s time to upgrade your business email!

Where is no doubt that email is your organization’s most crucial form of communication and also the application that is most vulnerable to attack. Your organization and employees are targets of progressively advanced attacks designed to take customer data, money, credentials, and other important intellectual property.

We hear about new breaches everyday, making email security an increasingly important issue.  With the cost of cybercrime estimated to reach $6 TRILLION by 2021, we should not be taking security lightly.

Interestingly enough, one of the oldest forms of cyber scams is phishing and it’s still around and ever more advanced today. Phishing is when someone (a cyber criminal) sends you an email posing as someone you know or an organization that you trust, in order to get you to click and receive malware or give them personal information about you.

Recently, google users fell victim to a phishing attack in the form of a shared google document (which looked like it came from someone they knew) which if they clicked it, the hacker would then have full control of their Gmail account.

We can’t help but wonder why there are organizations using Google for their business email. We see new threats every day and we know, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, how Office 365 for business is up for the task of protecting your sensitive information. We know how the internet has changed and grown over the years, and the impact that has on your business and technology needs. When you started your business, the free email service made sense, but as your organization has grown, technology has advanced, and threats have become more sophisticated, your email requires something more secure.

Growing businesseshave growing security needs that the free email services just can’t fulfill. Business-class email can help protect sensitive business and client information, so you can rest easy knowing your data is uncompromised.