Wanncry Attack

As you have likely heard, the WannaCry ransomware exploited an identified vulnerability in Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft released a patch as part of the March 2017 security rollup that addressed the vulnerability. If a resource has been updated with the March 2017 security rollup or later, then the vulnerability in question should be resolved.

Vertical Solution took quick action on Friday to ensure that our client’s systems were secure.  Our proactive services include:

  1. Vertical Solutions automatically patches all whitelisted Microsoft System and Security updates for our Managed Services and Hosted Clients.
  2. The status of these patches is reviewed on a regular basis.  As we became aware of the details of the new threat, our team reviewed the status of all monitored devices.  We ensured that the related patch was whitelisted and that it had been successfully applied.
  3. Vertical Solutions actively monitors the status of our clients Anti-Virus solutions, to ensure that security definitions are up-to-date.
  4. Advance Threat Protect (ATP) – in addition to the steps above, for clients utilizing our ATP solutions, this threat would have been stopped outside your network preventing the malware ever having access to your systems.

Our President, Bruce Nelson, even released a video blog series several weeks ago, addressing threats just like this.  In fact, had the victims of this attack followed his number one recommendation, they very likely could have prevented this breach.

If you do not have a solution in place to manage critical processes like these, reach out to learn more about our Managed Service and Cloud Solutions, designed to keep your company productive and secure.