Why our hosted clients get more value from their Dynamics GP investment

By Bruce Nelson

There are many reasons why our hosted Dynamics GP clients get more value from their investment than on premise clients. For starters, many are able to reduce their internal technology foot print and take advantage of better licensing models. Even in cases where our clients have internal IT support staff many of them are not interested in supporting the Dynamics GP platform. We have both the functional and technological skills sets to support Dynamics GP and your end users.

The second advantage that our hosted clients have is the ability to implement new functionality available with new releases of Dynamics GP. Microsoft has introduced a tremendous number of enhancements and new functionality with new releases over the years. The challenge that many on premise clients have is that some of this new functionality requires additional resources on their end. These resources might include to server platforms to run advanced reporting capabilities, new software to take advantage of workflow capabilities, or simply upgrades to existing infrastructure to support the latest release. Any one of these can create financial or technological hurdles to using new functionality. Clients taking advantage of our hosting options can quickly overcome these hurdles because it is relatively quick and easy to add on to the environment. Sure there might be incremental costs depending on what’s being added but nothing like you might see with an on premise upgrade.

small_cloud_services_blueFinally, our hosted Dynamics GP clients realize more value by being on a high performance, high availability platform which provides for flexible licensing and deployment options. In 15+ years of working with Dynamics GP I can’t think of a single client where their needs have remained the same from the time they purchased the software. The have all gone through periods of growth, business requirements have changed, personnel has changed, etc. Your business systems like Dynamics GP need to be as adaptable at the world we operate in and our hosted clients have that.


Pure dollar and cents financial arguments can be made for both models but when you drill down into the real value you receive from the investment there a clear advantage with the cloud model.

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