Why We Are Airing It out

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Why We Are Airing It Out

To make a big impact, our givings program encourages every employee to engage in a cause together. This year, we are working with Extra Life – a grassroots experience that mobilizes passionate gamers of all types to help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals treat sick and injured kids in their communities. All proceeds from Extra Life directly benefit 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across North America.

While we are getting ready for the big 24 gamer marathon in November, we have been priming the pump with monthly FUNraising activities.  In the past we have done Super Bowl, March Madness, Oscars, and even a Game of Thrones Death pools.  But for the summer, we are keeping it easy.  Every Friday, each employee has the opportunity to donate $5 to the cause and wear shorts.  

Never have we been so happy to see all these knees!  

Join Our Cause

Help us play games and heal kids.