Why you should consider Multi-Factor Authentication

For many homes these days, multiple layers of security are implemented to provide safety to those who live there. So, when it comes to the network of your organization, traditional solutions like firewalls and anti-virus are no longer enough to properly secure your data.  

To provide a higher level of security to your business, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) should be at the top of your list. MFA is a security solution that verifies a user’s identity by requiring an additional form of authentication outside of your password.

For example, when you sign in to your banking app, it may require you to acknowledge a phone number to have a secret code sent to your phone to verify that it is you attempting to log-in to the application.

MFA is used via multiple methods such as a smartphone, fingerprint/facial scan, or passwords. Imagine being on vacation and you receive a note to verify that you are logging into one of your systems?  It is a method that can save an entire business from a potential disaster.  

The Healthcare sector is the highest targeted industry regarding cyber-attacks. Why you may ask? On the Dark Web, a credit card number can be sold for under $5.00 while a patient health record is sold on average over $250.00.

It is a lucrative business for many hackers. So, for that extra time that you take to log-in to your systems under an MFA model, would you prefer a ransomware attack, stolen medical records, public relation issues, etc.? Not only are these attacks a financial burden on a business, but the downtime is shown to be 10x the cost as the price you pay to relieve the cyber-attack.


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